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The ticket goes on sale in Saxony-Anhalt on 25th June 2021.


In Saxony-Anhalt and the entire Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund zone as well as selected rail routes outside of Saxony-Anhalt (see map or question 13). The ticket can also be used for one return journey to Berlin.


Children aged 6 and above who will start the first year of primary school after the summer holidays and full-time pupils of primary school, lower secondary school, secondary school, Rudolf Steiner school, school for children with special needs, school for children with learning difficulties, grammar school, comprehensive school, vocational school, technical secondary school, technical grammar school, full-time pupils of the one-year pre-vocational training course and one-year basic vocational training course up to the age of 23.

The Schülerferienticket is not valid for apprentices, university students, pupils of night school, college or technical college. It is also not valid for pupils aged 22 and above.

The Schülerferienticket is valid for an unlimited number of journeys during the entire summer holidays, from 22th July to 1st September 2021, in Saxony-Anhalt and the sections of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) zone in Saxony and Thuringia.


The Schülerferienticket 2021 costs 28 Euro.


  • On buses and trams
  • On regional trains (2nd class): Regionalexpress (RE), Regionalbahn (RB), S-Bahn, Erfurter Bahn (EB), Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (MRB), Abellio, HANS, Dessau-Wörlitzer Eisenbahn (DWE), ODEG, InterRegioExpress (IRE)
  • On the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (special regulation for the Schierke - Brocken route, for which there is a one-time discount: For a return ticket, you only pay a child's fare)


he Schülerferienticket is available to purchase at all ticket offices, sales agencies and ticket machines operated by DB Regio AG and Abellio GmbH in Saxony-Anhalt and the MDV zone; on regional trains operated by Abellio, DB, HANS, ODEG, MRB and Erfurter Bahn; from mobile ticket machines on vehicles operated by Magdeburger Verkehrbetriebe GmbH; at selected bus companies directly from the driver; at all designated points of sale of participating transport companies and at youth hostels across Saxony-Anhalt. Pupils who have purchased their Schülerferienticket from a ticket machine or on a regional train, a bus or tram can obtain their voucher booklet upon presentation of their Schülerferienticket at a point of sale of the respective transport company. Outside of Saxony-Anhalt, the Schülerferienticket is available from all ticket machines operated by DB Regio AG.


An overview of the points of sale can be found here.

For pupils in sixth year of schooling (in possession of a school report from Year 5) and above, eligibility for the ticket is to be proven with a school ID card, a school certificate or the most recent school report (copy). (DB certificates for pupil season tickets are not valid!) Pupils in the fifth year of schooling and below do not need to provide any identification. Pupils of vocational training centres whose pupil ID card or school certificate do not clearly indicate their eligibility shall receive a supplementary certificate upon request at selected points of sale of the transport companies.


Yes, you may still use the SFT in your last school summer holidays provided you present a copy of your most recent school report; however, the ticket may only be used up until the start of your subsequent education or training course.

Yes, parents and grandparents may also purchase the Schülerferienticket for you. However, only school pupils are permitted to use it.


You can take your bike with you free-of-charge (restricted capacity)

  • on regional trains across Saxony-Anhalt
  • on regional trains in the MDV zone
  • and on transport services operated by the following companies:
  • BördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH
  • Dessauer Verkehrs GmbH
  • Halberstädter Verkehrs-GmbH
  • Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH
  • Harzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
  • Kreisverkehrsgesellschaft Salzland mbH
  • Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Jerichower Land mbH
  • Naumburger Straßenbahn GmbH
  • OBS Omnibusbetrieb Saalkreis GmbH
  • Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH
  • Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Burgenlandkreis GmbH
  • Personennahverkehrsgesellschaft Merseburg-Querfurt mbH
  • Personennahverkehr Salzland GmbH
  • Verkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH
  • Vetter GmbH

Outside of Saxony-Anhalt and the sections of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund in Saxony and Thuringia (see map), the Schülerferienticket is valid on the following route sections:

Timetable numberRouteRoute section
201RE 1Genthin – Wusterwitz
203RE 3Falkenberg (Elster) – Jüterbog 
203RE 3Zahna – Jüterbog
204RB 34/RE 4Stendal/Schönhausen (Elbe) – Rathenow
207RE 7Jeber-Bergfrieden – Wiesenburg (Mark)
215/501.4S4, RE 10Beilrode – Falkenberg (Elster)
216RE 14, RB 51Annaburg – Falkenberg (Elster)
301/308RE 6, RB 35, RB 36Oebisfelde –  Wolfsburg Hbf
305S1Geestgottberg – Wittenberge, 
305RE 20Salzwedel – Uelzen
310RB 40Marienborn – Helmstedt
330/353RE 4, RE 21Stapelburg – Goslar
335RE 10, RB 59Oberröblingen – Artern
560RE 18, RE 42, RB 25Bad Kösen – Camburg
580RE 16, RE 17, RB 20Bad Kösen – Großheringen
590RE 8, RE 9, RB 75Berga-Kelbra – Nordhausen

With the exception of journeys made by dial-a-bus services, the ticket is also valid for journeys on route 8040 Salzwedel – Lübbow – Wustrow operated by PVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkreis Salzwedel mbH and LSE Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH.

The ticket is also valid on the following bus routes outside of Saxony-Anhalt:

RouteRoute sectionBus company
200Seehausen - WittenbergePVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH (ARB*)
210Lüttgenrode – VienenburgHarzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
262Benneckenstein - BraunlageBenneckenstein - Braunlage
264Elend – BraunlageHarzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
265Benneckenstein - HohegeißHarzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
270Stapelburg – Bad HarzburgHarzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
300Böckwitz - WolsburgPVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH
302Steimke – BromePVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH (ARB*)
480Sangerhausen – Artern – AllstedtVerkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH
481Artern – Roßleben - ZiegelrodaVerkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH
483Roßleben – Schönewerda – AllstedtVerkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH
494Bad Frankenhausen – Kyffhäuser – BergaVerkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH
633Weferlingen – GraslebenBördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (ARB*)
666Harbke – HelmstedtBördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH
653Hötensleben – SchöningenBördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (ARB*)
703/740Schopsdorf – Ziesar<nahverkehrsgesellschaft> </nahverkehrsgesellschaft>
740Paplitz – ZiesarNahverkehrsgesellschaft Jerichower Land
803Waddekath – WittingenPVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH (ARB*)
874Stapelburg – Bad HarzburgKVG Braunschweig mbH
900/911Havelberg – Glöwenstendalbus  GmbH
902Darsekau – Bergen (Dumme)PVGS Personenverkehrsgesellschaft Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH (ARB*)

The Saxony-Anhalt Schülerferienticket is also valid for one journey from/via Saxony-Anhalt and the MDV zone to Berlin and back on regional trains operated by DB Regio AG and ODEG as well as on the Harz-Berlin-Express (HBX, Fri - Sun only) with no changeover in Berlin. Outward and return journeys may be on different days.

The following sections of the route can be used for the Berlin trip:

Timetable numberRouteRoute section
201RE 1Wusterwitz – Berlin Ostkreuz
202RE 2Wittenberge – Berlin Ostkreuz (ODEG)
204RE 4
Rathenow – Berlin-Lichterfelde Ost (ODEG)
Stendal – Berlin Ostbahnhof
207RE 7Wiesenburg (Mark) – Berlin-Ostkreuz 
203/204RE 4
RE 3
Jüterbog – Berlin-Staaken (ODEG)
Jüterbog – Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
260.5HBXGenthin – Berlin Ostbahnhof (Harz-Berlin-Express)

For journeys beyond Berlin, you need a separate ticket. A return journey in the opposite direction, i.e. from Berlin to Saxony-Anhalt or the MDV zone and back, is not permitted..

It is irrelevant where the user is from. You can buy your Schülerferienticket nationwide in all travel centres, DB agencies and travel agencies as well as from DB ticket machines.

No, the Schülerferienticket is not transferable and the required fields on the ticket must be clearly filled in with a ballpoint pen and subsequently signed by the holder prior to the first journey.

In Berga-Kelbra, Bernburg, Dessau, Falkenstein/Harz, Gorenzen, Haldensleben, Halle, Kretzschau, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Magdeburg, Naumburg, Nebra, Quedlinburg, Radis, Schierke, Thale, Wernigerode.


Yes, the Youth Hostel Pass is valid all across Germany.

Faded tickets can be exchanged at any travel centre in Saxony-Anhalt before they are no longer legible. However, the name and printed text must still be discernible at the time of exchange.

For every Schülerferienticket purchased, the holder receives a free voucher booklet with great discounts for a range of leisure facilities. The voucher partners are presented here.

No. Laminating the ticket renders it invalid. The tickets have special security features which can no longer be checked if it is laminated. Furthermore, tickets purchased from a ticket machine become illegible if they are laminated, meaning they also become invalid.

Questions and answers about the Berlin trip

The routes on which you can use the SFT to travel to Berlin are listed in the answer to question 13.

No, the ticket is only valid from Saxony-Anhalt or the MDV zone to Berlin and back. If you use it for a journey from Berlin to Saxony-Anhalt or the MDV zone, then you need a new ticket for the return journey to Berlin.

You can disembark and change trains as many times as you wish up to the border of the regular zone of validity for the Schülerferienticket. Beyond the regular zone of validity (Wittenberge, Rathenow, Wusterwitz, Wiesenburg and Jüterbog stations), the journey cannot be broken up. In Berlin, you can disembark at any station that your train stops.

If you change in Berlin, the onward journey requires a new ticket. This also applies for public transport in Berlin: you need a Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) ticket if you want to use the services.

The outward and return journey may be on different days. So, you don't have to travel back from Berlin on the same day.

No. The Schülerferienticket is enough. When you undertake your trip to Berlin, the train attendant will mark the ticket with a note and a corresponding imprint