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Insider tips

You can experience and discover a lot in Saxony-Anhalt. Whether adventurer, amateur photographer or chill bear, there is something for everyone. With our insider tips it is worth thinking outside the box.    

Halle (Saale)

Geocaching tours

Nature explorers and adventurers, take note: The geocaching offers of the state administration office ensure a little variety nearby. You can go on an adventurous snippet hunt with your smartphone or a GPS device, just without paper snippets. You simply choose between the five different geocaching tours and the hunt for the small, marked cans begins.


There is also street art in Saxony-Anhalt! Urban art is waiting to be discovered in Halle an der Saale. In the east of the city, not far from the main train station between Landsberger, Freiimfelder and on Delitzscher Strasse, you can marvel at over 70 works of art.



... is a 220 m long single-track railway bridge. As one of the oldest and largest lift bridges in Germany, it is a listed building.


... can be found directly under the lift bridge. Hanged by a few young people in 2015, it is very popular. The swing offers a special view of the city and great photo opportunities.

Monastery of Our Lady

The former monastery is now an art museum and concert hall. On five floors, the oldest building in Magdeburg (Romanesque!) Offers a large selection of historical and contemporary art in addition to changing special exhibitions. There are fascinating sculptures to discover around the facility.

Waterway intersection

The Mittelland Canal and Elbe cross north of Magdeburg. A colossal sight. On a bike tour you can still look at flora and fauna to the left and right.



In the south of Halberstadt, special sandstone formations such as the Klusfelsen, the Fünffingerfelsen and the Teufelsstuhl beckon. The Klusberge offer great hiking routes, breathtaking views of the Harz foreland and imposing caves.

Teufelsmauer (Devil's wall)

About the origin of the almost 20 km long route in the Harz Mountains, an old legend tells that the devil himself created the wall and out of anger, over a lost competition with the Lord, destroyed the wall again. And even if the actual story of its origins is not that romantic, the sight of the sandstone rock formations is astonishing. These can be admired and climbed on extensive hiking tours.

Sandstone caves of Heers

... are well hidden below the Regenstein and are one of the insider tips in the Harz Mountains. Just about the size of a soccer field, in a forest clearing, you will find mighty sandstone rocks in which caves have partially formed.



... also known as the "Green Salon", connects the train station with the center of the city. The seven hectare area invites you to linger with its meadows, plants, playgrounds and fountains.